Cheryl Hardy - Lead Vocals

Born in Hamilton, ON, Cheryl's first memory of singing for a crowd was to her Grade 3 elementary school class, where she sang Joy To The World with her 5 "backup singers". The performance bug had bitten, and she was hooked.

In high school, Cheryl joined the Bracebridge Folk Singing Club and proceeded to win awards performing all over Ontario. She decided at this point, if she was serious about singing that she would have to strengthen her technique and learn to sing properly. She proceeded to earn her Grade VIII Royal Conservatory Vocal Diploma after two years of study with a local voice teacher, then attended the Music Theatre Course at Sheridan College in Oakville, ON for 2 years. After singing and dancing at a theme park for a summer, Cheryl was recruited by a full-time band in Windsor, ON called The Player's Band (with Thom Wolf of Coming Of Age). She sang 5 nights a week for 3 years, building vocal stamina and stage presence.

In 1988, Cheryl hit the road with the Toronto show-band Spellbound, which toured Eastern Canada and Northern Ontario performing 6 nights a week over an eight-month period. This experience would prove invaluable to her burgeoning career, which now included studio work - singing jingles, demos, charity/publicity music, and voiceovers.

After her Spellbound tour, Cheryl moved to London, ON to join Player, an area club/corporate band. From her new home base, she began to experiment with different Pop-oriented original projects between gigs with Player (renamed Spirit), and began developing her own vocal sound.

In 1997 Cheryl collaborated on a Country/Rock original project with her brother Ross Hardy of Canada Custom Music Productions in Oakville, ON, and his then business partner Brian White. They discovered that Cheryl's voice on Ross and Brian's songs created a powerful combination. Demos were recorded and sent out and showcases were scheduled as record company brass expressed interest in the project. In the end, no one was willing to risk signing a brand new act at that time, so they decided to release their own independent EP in October of 1998. All 1000 copies sold out.

2001 also marked another turning point in Cheryl's career with the official formation of Coming Of Age with drummer Thom Wolf from her Windsor days. Once again performing regularly with seasoned musicians, Cheryl has been able to take her vocal talent to a new level, garnering a whole new demographic of fans. Most recently, she co-wrote and is scheduled to perform the prize-winning theme song for the Canada 2001 Summer Games, called "When We Are One". She's an OK singer…


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